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Woolly's Wonderful Wings is part of a series of books written by staff and students of the University of Exeter, to introduce young children to some of their research. Aimed at a wide range of ages, these stories cover diverse topics, from plastic pollution in the ocean to invasive insects and bacteria in our food. In each book, Professor Penny and her dog Wilson help guide the reader to understand the science behind the stories. 

Other titles in the series:

- Sophie and the Babbler Birds

- The Adventures of Flo, the Special Bacterium

- The Psyllid Who Wanted to Go Home

- The Tale of the Turtle and the Plastic Jellyfish

The characters of Professor Penny and Wilson were created by Nicole Goodey and Katie Cooke.

Professor Penny Stories

After months as a fluffy caterpillar, it's finally time for Woolly to transform into what he hopes will be a beautiful butterfly. Yet once he spreads his wings, he realises that life in the sky can be difficult and dangerous. With the help of the moths and butterflies he meets along the way, he discovers his identity, and how his colourful wings can keep him safe.

As they follow Woolly's adventures, readers will learn about the differences between moths and butterflies and discover the many visual tricks these extraordinary animals deploy to outwit their predators, from camouflage to masquerade and warning signals. Some information at the back of the book helps relate the events and characters in the story to the real world of butterflies and moths, offering a window into the science of anti-predator defences and sensory ecology.

Woolly's Wonderful Wings

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